“To say Crossfit changed my life is an understatement!!! It has transformed my life mentally and physically! I went from feeling like I was going to throw up 3 times during my first hour in the gym to being one of the fittest grannies you will meet!”
– Becky Macar

post2 “Started 2 1/2 years ago as a favor for a friend to just try it out. I did a little workout and I did not get to complete as I my body was not used to it; however, I am so thankful for encourage by everyone and had to start somewhere. That was my starting point and have never stopped. Saw improvements 6 weeks then 12 weeks then at 6 months.”
– Editha Page

post2 “To say Crossfit Spirit saved my life sounds really cliche, however to me that statement doesn’t even begin to describe what it has done for me.

In May of 2017 I had a really bad doctor’s visit. My doctor punched me in the face with some bad health news. I was what he called Pre-Diabetic, my Cholesterol was through the roof and my Blood Pressure was rocketing away. The statement “If you keep going like you’re going, something very serious is going to happen to you, and it could lead to your death.”. A long conversation happened and we discussed the potential of going on 5-6 different medications(not an option for me), or changing my lifestyle through exercise and my diet. The following week, with a few friends, and the support of my family, I started at CrossFit Spirit. I was nervous, scared, and truly unsure about my abilities. All of those feelings were quickly pushed aside on day one. The entire box was supportive right away!

They were welcoming me to the Spirit Family and congratulating me on starting my journey. The coaches from day one were all about understanding my abilities, my limitations and my athleticism so that they could best support me! Almost instantaneously I was hooked to the physical exertion, it was something that I didn’t realize that I missed from my past. Truly what kept me coming back and still keeps me coming back is my Spirit Family!

The support, the camaraderie, the inspiration, the drive… the overall LOVE from everyone at Spirit have kept me coming back for almost two years and I am super happy with the results.

I am 40lbs down from my starting weight. My blood pressure, cholesterol, and sugars, are all in normal range, without any medications. Every Day I feel better, I have more energy, more confidence, more drive, and higher overall happiness. I’m not even close to being done with my transformation and I know it’s going to take time… I look forward to transforming more with CrossFit Spirt on my journey to higher fitness!!!”
– Larry Green

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